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Recycling, trash hauling, yard waste removal: It's what we do and have done for nearly 20 years! A local family-owned business, we understand balancing and managing a budget for necessities like garbage pickup during challenging economic times. Whether it's once a week garbage pickup or twice a week, we have an affordable service for you! We offer curbside trash removal and free curbside recycling service in most areas. In addition to regular scheduled service, Augusta Disposal offers optional yard waste removal on a pre-paid basis. Yard waste should always be contained in lawn & leaf bags, yard waste cans or bundles. Yard waste shouldn't exceed 32gal or 50lbs in weight. Bundles shouldn't exceed 2' x 4'. Contact us at 706-860-2208 for more information.

Girl Recycling

What Can I Recycle?

Recycling is a free service so we ask that you supply a hard, sturdy plastic container for all items mentioned below.

Metal - Aluminum Beverage Cans
Plastics - Soda Bottles, Milk & Water Jugs, Detergent and Shampoo Bottles, Butter Tubs, Blister Packs, Deli & Meat Wrap, Squeeze Bottles, Container Lids, Frozen Food Bags, Medicine Bottles, Ketchup Bottles, Takeout Containers. Look for recycling symbol with #1 through #5.
Cardboard - Corrugated cardboard, cereal, cracker, cookie boxes, beverage holders, pizza boxes (with no food product remaining), NO Wax-Coated produce or meat boxes
Newspaper/Mixed Paper - Newspaper, Junk mail, office paper, magazines, inserts. Please remove all plastic bags
Tin Cans – Soup Cans, Pet Food Cans, Vegetable Cans (please wash out)
Aluminum Ends & Steel Ends – Tops of Soup Cans